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Building a frictionless data experience on Solana & web3
Vybe network is an indexing and data infrastructure provider for the Solana blockchain. Our products abstract away the complexities of building and maintaining infrastructure to support Solana's high data throughput. With Vybe's intuitive ETL solution, developers can seamlessly index on-chain program data directly into their own databases. Our overarching goal is to make on-chain data widely accessible to empower the next generation of builders, analytics ,and dApps on Solana.

Our Solutions

Our suite of products and tools includes:
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    Vybe Indexing - Our core offering allows you to stream decoded program data into your own database. Simply provide a DB connection string and select a Solana program and the type of data you want to ETL. We currently support real-time and historical indexing for Anchor Events and real-time only for Accounts and SPL token transfer data. Transactions, Metaplex support, and additional historical indexing are coming soon!
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    Program Directory - View index-ready programs on Solana, preview accounts and events data and spin up an index with just one click.
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    Vybe API - connect to Vybe's curated datasets or serve your own indexed data via our federated GraphQL API.
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    Explorer - Our explorer is an interface that allows you to write GraphQL and SQL queries for program data accessible via our Vybe API or from your own indexes. Start exploring and gain deeper insights into your protocols!

Want to jump right in?

Feeling like an eager beaver? Jump into the quick start docs and get making your first request:
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